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About us

Digital Graphiks is a design agency from London. We design and develop holistic design solutions for companies, institutions, products and brands that meet the high visual and technical requirements. We design, design and develop primarily in the areas of corporate design, print and web. As an interdisciplinary agency, our focus is on visual communication. We serve all areas of media design. Our strengths lie in conceptual design for various media, from printed to interactive design. We help you to implement your ideas. We are your ideal contact for all kinds of media design. In addition to graphic work, we offer comprehensive and tailor-made outsourcing concepts for your company. As an external service provider, we are able to provide you and your company with competent, timely and cost-efficient support!

Fields of activity

Design, consulting, design, graphic design, web design, corporate design development, branding, logo design, business design, service design, communication design, eventbranding, product and packaging design, corporate publishing, eCommerce, webhosting, design and technical implementation of online advertising HTML5 banner), motion design and video animation, 3D construction and visualization, design and production of advertising articles and printed material.

Digital Graphiks Office

Digital Graphiks Office


Our workflow is very transparent and develops in close collaboration with our customers. We define the essential core elements to develop an individual and unique visual language. We work playfully and accurately in order to achieve an optimal effect of the design and orient ourselves with each step to the individual needs of our client. The first ideas are realized in terms of design and technology, subsequently evaluated and further developed. In order to react flexibly and quickly to different requirements, the implementation is always carried out in the team. There are hardly any disciplinary separations. In the ongoing process, we approach the target defined by the customer in a theoretical and strategic way. Thus, all parties involved are strongly involved and involved in the creative process. The intensive involvement of the customer in our workflows ensures a lasting view and increases the quality of the results.


We see design as a way to solve the problem and not just as a visual incentive. Good design opens up new perspectives for a company and creates numerous competitive advantages. As a design agency with many years of experience, we speak design in many dialects. Our design competence is independent of the media. In this way, we can always look at new technical developments and interpret the possibilities of new technologies from the respective angle of view of the design. Our performance portfolio is aimed at companies of all sizes, who have the right to visually highlight. Whether SMEs, EPUs, Start-up or new founder - we will find suitable and cost-effective solutions adapted to the individual requirements. We focus on reduced, modern design as well as well thought-out design concepts and flexible design systems.


Terms such as graphic designers or web designers do not adequately describe our broad fields of activity. We are creative all-rounder, nerds, thinkers and troubleshooter with corporate specifications and a flair for design and usability. We are media professionals and webgurus with many years of experience, well-founded technical knowledge and a feeling for style and style!

Further creative disciplines and expertises can be used in a project-oriented and flexible way through our collective. In this way, we can act flexibly and in accordance with needs. Depending on the requirements, we can rely on a well-established team of programmers, copywriters, photographers, printers and 3D studios. We accompany, organize and realize the entire process, from planning to the finished product.

Metin Kasmer - Managing Director


They are passionate about design and to me your project is a unique challenge. I undertake to draw for you an effective tool and different from others, can transmit the values ​​in which you recognize yourself and your personality. I want that, thanks to my design, it is clear who are in a moment.

Serkan Sen - Project manager


I write something that is not seen but is the basis of all of the site creation process. Without me and without the code, the web does not exist. They are always behind the times, indeed, I have to be ahead of them because the technology is evolving quickly and I can not afford to be late.

Georgia Graphic artist


Playing with words is my fun. If you give me your story, I tell others who you are with effective and engaging words that reflect what you believe. I work to capture the attention talking about you, to get your users and your goals.

Bilal He - Mediendesigner


I am a great friend of the search engines and I like to obey their rules, even if the change often. My techniques are used to make them happy. To you it is necessary for you to gain visibility for your business and increase your profit opportunities.

Betül Bilecen


I am a great friend of the search engines and I like to obey their rules, even if the change often. My techniques are used to make them happy. To you it is necessary for you to gain visibility for your business and increase your profit opportunities.

Alexander Fedra - Web Developer


And eventually arriving too. They often put to rest behind the blackboard, but they know they are important. Plays down when you need it, even if they're doing well on their own. Porto luck and especially the port croissant in the morning.